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American Style Wagyu Kobe Beef


American-Style Kobe Beef

When you want your meal to be a work of art, choose American-Style Kobe beef. This is luxury meat at its finest. Every tender, buttery morsel inspires awe and creates a decadent experience for those gathered around your table.

Cherished by legendary chefs and served in the finest restaurants across the country, American-Style Kobe beefis the ultimate palate trip. 

Know things.

American-Style Kobe beef is the result of cross-breeding Black Angus and Japanese Kobe cattle. You get the best of both worlds—the incredible marbling flavor of Kobe and the savory taste of Angus—for a delicious complexity worth celebrating. 

● Our American-Style Kobe beef steaks have the highest marbling score of any beef produced in the United States.

American-Style Kobe beef is high in monounsaturated fat and low in saturated fat. It contains significant amounts of oleic acid (good for the heart) and high levels of conjugated linoleic acid (good for metabolism and the immune system). 

● Our American-Style Kobe beef is fed on 100% vegetarian diet. Our beef is natural with no added antibiotics and hormones ever.

Austin Meat & Seafood Co. sources the most American-Style Kobe beef in the Northeast. We’ve nurtured personal relationships with small, independent ranches across the country and only partner with those who share our passion for exceptional meat.

We insist on the best. So should you.

Ready to create a mouthwatering moment for your crowd? Choose American-Style Kobe beef!